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Fodder yeast. Yeast fodder
  • Fodder yeast. Yeast fodder
  • Fodder yeast. Yeast fodder

Fodder yeast. Yeast fodder

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Yeast fodder

We are produse fodder yeast. We works with many ukrainian and forihgn company.

Qualitative characteristics of fodder yeast:

Appearance - milled powder

Mass fraction of crude protein, % , not less - 46%

Moisture content, % of not more than - 12%

Indications for use of fodder yeast

Fodder yeast is recommended for all types of feeding livestock and poultry feed as a protein supplement that contains biologically active substances of microbiological and plant origin protein, all essential amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, promote digestion and feed conversion, as well as micro - and macronutrients.

Application of fodder yeast positive effect on the development of animals and birds, increasing their productivity.

Dosing and Administration of fodder yeast

Yeast used in the manufacture of feed for livestock and poultry. The powder product is fed directly to the mixer. The granulation product is crushed in a pre - crusher, and then also fed into the mixer.

Optimal application rates of feeding yeast in feeds (by weight of feed):

- Chickens - from 2 to of 3%

- Pigs - 3 to of 5%

- Cattle - up to of 10% .

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 27.02.2020
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