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Yeast feed Ukraine offers great variety. This is not surprising. It's hard to name another product that would have been so rich in proteins and vitamins. Yeasts synthesize microbial protein. On the content of amino acid digestibility and speed it exceeds several times the protein in other feeds and even ahead on indicators of animal protein. Unlike other protein origins, yeast protein absorbed more than 95%.

All provided by the range can be divided into 2 broad categories:

  • dry yeast (granulated, powdery and others);
  • pressed.

In contrast to the dry, pressed contains almost 70% moisture. Yeast manufacturers in advance warn about this particularly, because fresh yeast just not designed for long-term storage. They are ready to go-you only need to use them according to the instructions.

Dry before use same yeast dissolve in liquid. Most often, this is achieved using clean water.

Our company provided a product that meets all the necessary sanitary standards. Regardless of the produced beer yeast (Ukraine) or alcohol, we use only high-quality, modern equipment. Also indoors adheres to the temperature. So, if the temperature exceeds +40 degrees Celsius, the final quality of the product will be substantially reduced. All production is divided into several stages:

  • production line;
  • pumping station;
  • the energy station.

Constant improvement of technologies used, the continuing supply of raw material base and meet all conditions laid down sanitary standards allows us to provide our users with high-quality and reliable product.



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