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For normal development, rapid muscle set agricultural birds and animal requires a proper balanced diet, in particular, with the obligatory content of methionine-one of the most valuable essential amino acids. Given that methionine is synthesized in the body alone, it is injected in the diet through animal feed.

Methionine fodder, which you can buy from German manufacturer Evonik Degussa has the following advantages:

  • has a positive effect on growth and reproduction of cells erythrocytes;
  • is "traffic COP" all kinds of Exchange (carbohydrate, lipid and protein);
  • improves formation and egg whites;
  • provides increase of muscular and skeletal tissues;
  • prevents obesity, liver and kidney dysfunction.

Methionine, buy that offers the company, Seaver comes in powder form and is completely miscible with the main feed. In addition, methionine (price is formed from a number of ordered packages) reviews add to the fodder and premixes for poultry and ruminants.

Gardener-amateurs and professionals also advise you buy methionine net for plants because it provides effective protection against weeds.

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Met_on_n. Methionine I will sell Methionine (Evonik Degussa, Germany).
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