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Mix feed

Dry feed mixture-a truly unique product, regardless of the manufacturer, the production technology has remained largely unchanged. First of all, the manufacturer selects the raw materials to be recycled. The quality of the raw product depends largely on the quality of the final product, so it is necessary to cooperate with reliable suppliers.

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After receipt of the raw material all components pass weighting to the resulting dry food was optimally balanced. The process is time consuming and requires the use of precision equipment to feed preparation took place in accordance with the previously mentioned technology.

The next step in the preparation of dry food advocates chopping raw product. For this there are special Mills, which crush raw materials to the status of fine gruel. Each of the ingredients are ground separately, each in a separate mill, after which future feed mixture is added to the mixer, where milled components thoroughly mixed to a total homogeneity. After complete mixing, mass redirects in preparatory bunker. The bunker is needed for dampening the masses, because some percentage is lost in the process of grinding and mixing. After wetting process of kneading again.

The next stage of cooking dry mixtures-sterilization and heat treatment. Extruder is used for this purpose. After sterilization received chyme is served using a special high pressure grinder, on leaving which produces future feed pellets. Mix feed, which you can buy in any quantity, necessarily passes the filling process a variety of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. All of them are collected in the fat layer, coated pellets per shell.

A mixture of high protein feed
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  • 7800 UAH/t.  - from 20 t.
Mix with the high content of protein. Proteinaceous kormosmes Mix of feed additive with the high content of protein and proteinaceous diet for farm animals, birds and fur animals and a valuable source of easily acquired fodder protein, minerals and enzymes necessary for digestion of proteins of a...
Group: Смеси кормовые
Sum_sh of a kormov of a visokoprote§n
In stock | Only wholesale 
  • 8000 UAH/t.  - from 20 t.
Mix fodder high-protein Sum_sh of a kormov of a visokoprote§nov of TU U 10.9-39346687-002:2016 Sum_sh of a kormov of a visokoprote§nov - a b_lkova additive to a rats_ona korm_v for s_lskogospodarsky tvarin, ptakh_v і hutrovy zv_r_v, the ts_ena dzheret a legkozasvoyuvany fodder b_lk, m_neralny...
Group: Смеси кормовые


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